Packing for paradise

I’ve been traveling to a few warm weather destinations lately and have been finding so many good deals on summer items. If you are vacationing soon or just like a good deal you have to check these out!

This is the best swimsuit Top // Bottoms here it is in a one piece! Use code ‘GOBIG15’ for 25% off.

I love a t-shirt dress, especially this (Use code ‘GOBIG15’ for 25% off) & this *ON SALE*.

My new favorite t-shirt *ON SALE*.

Tank – perfect for the beach or the gym.

I wore this to a “fancy dinner” at BLT at the JW Marriott Aruba – now on major *SALE*.

This little number came with me to Greece & Aruba, I wore it as a dress with this slip – which I’ve wore a dozen other times, I love it!

Hopefully you love shopping for summer things in the winter like I do.





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